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Cruise line unveils favourite views of its ships’ Captains

VeniceGoing on a cruise is definitely on my bucket list. The fact that you get to see so many different countries and experience all that sightseeing (and shopping opportunities) on shore excursions really appeals to me. And the other advantage is that you only have to unpack once. Nowadays the cruise industry offers something for everyone and it’s no longer seen as something to do when you hit retirement, with cruise lines catering for all types of consumers – from families right through to the wedding market. Continue reading “Cruise line unveils favourite views of its ships’ Captains”

Win a really cool holiday to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Fun in blackpoolBudding photographers take note. The Tourism Council of Bhutan has launched a photo campaign to inspire happiness, inviting people across the globe to share a photograph of what happiness means to them. Sounds like a lot of fun.  Continue reading “Win a really cool holiday to the Kingdom of Bhutan”

A handy baggage allowance finder tool

luggageWhether you’re a mum trying to find out if a baby seat is safe for a flight, or a keen cyclist trying to figure how take your bike to America, trying to find to the right baggage information for your flight can be a backbreaking task. Continue reading “A handy baggage allowance finder tool”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

bath xmas marketI love, love, love everything about Christmas. Actually, I lied. The only thing I really love is opening presents (yes, I’m still a big kid at heart). But kidding aside, there’s something very magical and exciting about Christmas. The anticipation of seeing the expressions on famiIy members’ faces as they open their gifts; the guilt-free Turkey dinner and pudding (and then more pudding, followed by chocolates and sweets in my case), and watching re-runs of comedy favourites or a Strictly Come Dancing Xmas special and feeling the need to commentate throughout. Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

Greenwich primed for boost in visitors following new developments

Greenwich MarketI’ve long been a fan of Greenwich – ever since my early days at university when I started a degree in psychology at Goldsmiths. The degree course lasted two weeks (I realised I was more suited to studying human geography and promptly relocated to Mile End), but my fondness for Greenwich has remained. Continue reading “Greenwich primed for boost in visitors following new developments”

Ten great uses for baby wipes

baby wipesAs someone who is quite house proud, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a ‘wipe junkie’. What’s a wipe junkie? I hear you ask… Well, having just coined that phrase, let me explain: As we all know, our living abodes get dirty and require frequent cleaning. However, not all surfaces are the same – and the average house has a plethora of materials – glass, wood, stainless steel, leather and granite to name just a few. Continue reading “Ten great uses for baby wipes”